Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Every road warrior must have his chariot

The only really good bonus check I earned in my 9 years in video games bought me my dream car; the barely runs, no windows, no seatbelts, run-down version of it anyway. I guess I shouldn't have quit Treyarch before they made of "Call of Duty: World at War" :/

I am a little embarrassed to admit the car was a factor in moving back to the US in 2008 and really, I have Texas to thank for the following video. My car wouldn't be slowly returning to life if I'd moved to England or Finland like I was considering instead of Austin.

It's been in a restoration shop in Texas for the last two years, way behind schedule and now apparently way over budget but despite my fondness for public transportation, bicycles and places within walking distance, there is nothing I, the Earth or the oil companies* can do to make me stop my two, vintage steel babies (yes, there's another one. we'll save that talk for later).

*the car is fully ethanol ready for the day (hopefully soon) when I can run my car off of booze (good!) and not oil (bad!). For now that's the best option for alternative fuel hot rods. My next one will likely be a turbo biodiesel.

Here she is:

I know it's 8 second of a car moving slowly to most of you but in my eyes, I see a phoenix, rising out of a smoldering pile of ashes, snatching a small child and devouring it before breathing fire and incinerating all who dare considering themselves worth to be present to it's spectacle of existence.


  1. you're getting too nostalgic; you should go out and buy that bike, mix some exercise with the animation work you're doing; ohhh, it does sound like a great experience you're having, enjoy it!

  2. Diego, I've been working out and jogging actually. But the car thing is something that isn't going away I'm afraid. I've tried to kick the habit but it's just too hard!