Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 10: Bratwurst again?

(I just realized it's actually day 11 and my last entry was technically posted on day 9 but it was close enough to midnight when I wrote it. Ten works better for today's theme anyway).

The grocery store next to my apartment only has red meat. No poultry. Only prepacked seafood (and nothing but smoked salmon and shrimp). So I decided to full embrace German-stereotype living and buy a bulk pack of brats. I ran out yesterday and today being Sunday means that not much is open after six, which is about a half an hour before I scraped myself together enough to go out for some food. I found a restaurant just around the corner advertising gyros on the window but when I got inside, it seemed that everything on the menu was actually bratwurst derived. It was that, the kebab shop across the street (kebab to me is like holy water is a vampire) or go hunting around the suburbs for something else open. I feel sorry for vegetarians in places where they can't read the menus. I at least don't have any special dietary needs to be worried about when I roll the dice and just point to something on the menu.

Friday I worked on my Swing animation most of the day with some good feedback from Ian as well as the Gobelins crew. It's much better now but there are still some little issues to sort out. That last 10% of polish is always the bear.

Yesterday I bounced back into something totally new as I discussed last time: The suitcase. I think I said something about 5-7 seconds? Yeah, maybe not so much this time. Try 20. But it was a solid idea and better acting practice than the head so I busted out a thorough blocking pass of the whole thing and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I'll post something on the Summer School animation blog soon enough. The latest version of the swing is already there.

I'm also getting more comfortable with some of Maya's peculiarities as well as learning how to best throw some of these rigs around. With this new, longer piece, I'll probably have to postpone the quadruped run I was planning and just focus on this and the swing for the rest of the week, as well as dig through some of my "Alan Wake" and "Monday Night Combat" work before taking all day Sunday to put together a new reel before GDC Europe next week.

Last week of true seclusion before people start pouring into Cologne for GDC Europe and Gamescom; better make it count. And hopefully, no more bratwurst til then. At least.

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