Saturday, July 31, 2010

Animation Isolation: Day 3

Ok, I said I was going to get to work but part of (re)starting a blog was to use this as a motivational tool. Each day I'm going to log what I did to make sure I don't mess around too much.

Brief recap: I am living in Cologne, Germany for one month. I don't know anyone here which is the point; I have shit to do and I've been wanting to take some time off and do some new animation work for a long time.

Especially after the two week summer I was at in July at Gobelins in Paris, I am reeeeeally itching to make some new stuff.

It's day 4 in the apartment (thanks again Waldemar; your place is great). Here's where I am at:

Day 0: Got to the apartment at 9:30pm. Settled in and sent some things to Gobelins ftp site (my demo reel and a mostly abandoned short I spent a bunch of time on) where it will hopefully get feedback from their team of animation ninjas

Day 1: Booted up Maya and worked on the infamous "swing exercise", which was supposed to be a simple cycle and I turned into a "Ben Hur" length production (okay, 10 seconds). Finished for now; will probably polish a bit more later. Sent to Gobelins

Day 2: Got caught up working on a 3d model when I should be animating. Bad Ryan. Made stuff but not the right stuff.

Day 3: Had a mango, instant coffee and a bowl of cereal. Decided to finally start a blog again. Wrote an excessively long intro post while transfering some files I need to work. If all goes well, I will be working on the "severed head" assignment we got to celebrate Bastille Day. Backup plan is to watch a video on face rigging and get my old TF2 Demo girl model with a good face setup so I can start animating with her.

I considered running out to buy a bike at the used bike market but decided against it. There's one every weekend and in a week I'll have a better idea if I need a bike here. There's a grocery store next door and a bar across the street so I should be good.


  1. i just came home drunk and totally realised the point of you going to germany...

    You talked about doing your portfolio exactly one year ago :D

    -- Kristian

  2. Yeah, I did! But I kept these pesky jobs that kept getting in the way of doing my portfolio to get... more jobs.